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billionphotos-828856What is a heat pump?

Effectively heat pumps are space heaters, which provides convenient, efficient, thermostatically-controlled heating that can be set to start or switch off automatically at any time. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, they can heat a single room or a whole house taking only 20 to 40 minutes to warm a room to a set temperature and then maintaining that temperature within one or two degrees.

You can both heat and cool a room!

By choosing a reverse-cycle heat pump you can both heat and cool a room. Like refrigerators, the basic concept behind heat pumps lies in evaporation. A series of pipes containing gas that is continuously expanding in one part of the system and compressing in another is the key.

Dehumidify the Air!

On those balmy summer days switching your heat pump to cooling mode will dehumidify the air!

It is THE most efficient form of heating in New Zealand!

Identified by EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Autority) as the most energy efficient way to heat a home, Heat Pumps are also a very efficient and effective method to provide summer cooling. However, not all heat pumps are equal and it is imperative to choose the right size and model type to suit your home. Too small or too large and it may not perform as required and use more energy.

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