Sleep Pump

Sleep Pump

Here’s an affordable way for a family to create year round comfort in either 3 or 4 bedrooms. These entry point central heating systems are designed to keep your bedrooms warm in winter, and cool and dehumidify your bedrooms in summer. The fact that sleep is such an important aspect of your family’s health makes these affordable systems not only a lifestyle improvement, but also a genuine contribution to the well-being of the whole family



Effortless performance
High capacity and compact DC engineering coupled with advanced Inverter systems can handle greater temperature extremes than conventional heat pumps. This means your Fujitsu system will be economical and capable of reaching your desired temperature faster.
Your Fujitsu system will deliver fast and effective heat, even if it ever gets to -15˚C outside.

Economy Operation
Limits the maximum operation current, cutting power consumption and suppressing the maximum load.

Smart, simple and easy-to-use controllers
The controller allows you to set your desired temperature, choose energy saving and other modes, and set timers for the system to start and stop automatically at the times you choose.

The wall controller has been designed to make operation and timer setting easy.

The left side of the controller and LCD display is for setting up timer options, the right side is how to set the ducted system to operate.

The handy green LED above the Start / Stop button clearly indicates that the system is On (when the LED is lit) or Off (when the LED is not lit).

Program Timer Options
Once the clock has been set up on the controller it is then possible to set up selectable timer program options.

  • ON Timer – This is a countdown timer to turn the heat pump on when the time has elapsed
  • OFF Timer – This is a countdown timer to turn the heat pump off when the time has elapsed
  • Weekly Timer – A simple 5 step process which allows easy set up for each day of the week, with the ability to select 2 on and off settings per day
  • Temperature Set-Back Timer – Used in conjunction with other timer settings, this allows for the temperature to be changed during the ON time period.

Auto Restart and Memory Back-Up
In the event of a power failure all Fujitsu Inverter ducted models will restart themselves from the last settings of the wall controller. The programmes and timer settings are kept in memory. (This needs to be set up on the wall controller by the installer)

Child Lock Function
Simply pressing a sequence of buttons on the wired remote controller locks and unlocks the keypad, stopping accidental and unauthorised use.

Room Temperature Sensor Selection

Once the clock has been set up on the controller it is then possible to set up selectable timer program options.

  • Remote controller has remote sensor included
  • User can select between remote controller sensor and / or return sensor (option).

Dual Remote Controller
A second controller can make it easier to operate the ducted system from two different locations in your home. The second controller provides all the operation functions of the main controller except for timer settings.

Group Control (typical of commercial applications)
One remote control can regulate up to 16 heat pumps. All of the heat pumps will be operated with the same settings.

Concealed Installation
Ducted systems are surely the ultimate in comfort. Placement of furniture is not a problem with a ducted system as the indoor unit is typically installed in the ceiling void and discreet ceiling diffusers deliver warm or cool conditioned air throughout your home. The return air grille contains a washable filter that filters the circulated air passing through it. This means that your room is not only the perfect temperature, but dust and dirt particles are removed too..